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Authentic Roots

Wasabi Employe's in feild
KAMEYA has a proud legacy deeply rooted in a multi-generational family business - 3 generations in fact!
Discover how 75+ years of valuable culinary knowledge was passed down to bring the most delicious of Japan's natural resources to the world.
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Kameya is born

Our Founder Heichi Kamegai and his wife Toshi originally started Kameya as a "pickle shop" in Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture. Using ingredients grown in this region - such as wasabi at the foot of Mt. Amagi, fresh vegetables at the western foot of Hakone, and seafood from Suruga Bay - Kamaya has been a company rooted in the region since our establishment. We have been making the best use of the blessings of Japan with our pickles and Kanayamaji miso since our earliest days.

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Expansion of Tradition

The Kamegai family business and dedication to hand made products grew as demand for Kameya's delicious offerings become undeniable. The building of Kameya's Shimizu-cho Head Office factory furthered growth. Preparations such as scraping and prepping fine vegetables one by one with a kitchen knife and sorting by hand while checking the ingredients were given room to expand with the incorporation of space and equipment, while still holding tantamount the principles of human touch and attention to detail in order to deliver quality to everyone's table.

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Generations of Heritage

Culinary heritage was passed down as 2nd Generation President Ken Kamegai (current chairman) is inaugurated in 1973 by his father. By this time through the years, Real Wasabi had become more and more Kameya's renowned signature offering. The area's bountiful rainfall permeates the surrounding pumice deposits - which due to volcanic activity - produces abundant nutrients, oxygen, and the "Best Wasabi in Japan".

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Culinary Technological Advances

3rd Generation President Taichi Kamegai is inaugurated in 2011 and further modernizes Kameya's production. Kameya now specialises mainly in Wasabi products. "Kameya Farm" was subsequently established in order to grow Kameya's own produce at the western foot of Hakone. Kameya's farming standards are so technologically in tune with the surrounding environment's ecosystem and modern methods of sustainability, the United Nations designates Kameya's Farm as a GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System).

Kameya Today

Strong Family Tradition - Since 1947

Agricultural Technology

Kameya continues to spearhead modern farming techniques. Currently, we work hard every day through trial and error, collecting information and improving the soil so that better vegetables can grow -centering on crucial regional crops such as Japanese wasabi, radish, and ginger.

Kameya CEO

3rd Generation

Mr Taichi Kamegai -3rd Generation Grandson of the Founders - continues the evolution of Kameya as one of Japan's most prized cultivators and exporters of Wasabi.

The Best of
Japan's Flavors

Since 2007, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry has certified Kameya as a "regional resource" (industrial technology, regional agriculture, forestry and fisheries products, tourism resources, etc) that represents the greatest strengths of its region.

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The Symbolism Behind

The Kameya name was inspired by the very turtles found in the lush Wasabi fields the brand is renown for.

Founder Heichi Kamegai built KAMEYA on the foundation of his very own last name. In Japanese, "Kame" means "Turtle". He added "Ya", which means "Company" to form the brand name of Kameya as we know it today.

Kameya's logo is encased in a Hexagon shape - symbolic of the very same shape that covers a beautiful turtle shell.

Kameya's Red Circle stands for the beautiful Rising Sun within the flag of Japan.

Discover Kameya

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