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Premium Real Wasabi - Roughly Grated

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You have't tasted wasabi until you've had Kameya’s Premium Real Wasabi. Our Roughly Grated Wasabi comes from Shizuoka Japan, the birthplace of Wasabi.  Our prized Wasabi Japonica plants are nurtured in Japan's volcanic soil terraced fields, under clear flowing mountain spring water. Enjoy with traditional sushi - or instead of mustard or horseradish - as an accompaniment to your favorite steak, fish, or salad dressings.

Premium Real Wasabi - Roughly Grated

All Natural
Gluten Free
Wasabi Japonica
Made In Japan
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Kameya Premium Real Wasabi

There are noticeable differences found in Kameya’s premium Wasabi Japonica plants vs. the artificially food-colored horseradish commonly found in most U.S. markets.  Genuine Wasabi has a more complex, bright and sophisticated flavor profile that isn’t as sharply hot as horseradish.

Its natural color is generally a soft muted green (not the neon green you may have grown accustomed to).

Its flavor - while still stimulating with the delicious “goes up the nose” feel - is more delicate, fresh and fragrantly distinctive.

Wasabi, Maltose, Hydrolysates Syrup, Dietary Fiber, Starch, Salt, Vegetable Oil(Soybean), Cyclodextrin, Acidulant, Spice extract, Xanthan Gum    Contains: Soy