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Kameya Wasabi

Is Special

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Wasabi in bowl

Only Wasabi Japonica

We use genuine Real Wasabi from Shizuoka prefecture as our star ingredient. ABSOLUTELY NO horseradish or mustard is used, substituted or supplemented. NO artificial food coloring is added. Kameya brings you Real Wasabi - as it is meant to be tasted and experienced.

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Award Winning Taste

Kameya is a proud recipient of the 2021 Excellent Quality Gold Award from Monde Selection, a leading international taste and quality organization. From the roots to the stems and leaves, we bring award winning taste to a diverse offering of Wasabi products that add complex flavor to your dishes -  genuine Grated Wasabi, Furikake, Salt and traditional seasonings.

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Made In Japan

Our Real Wasabi is grown in Shizuoka Prefecture, which accounts for 78% of the total amount of Wasabi produced nationwide - for a reason! This region's Wasabi - grown in pure mountain spring water and rich volcanic soil - is highly evaluated every year at Japan's national fairs and considered the most rare, prized, and delicious in the country.

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Harvested by Hand

Kameya considers the cultivation of Real Wasabi a true form of agricultural art. Our farmers hand cultivate Wasabi Japonica all year round - we believe the more we put our hands on it, the better our Wasabi will be. Wasabi seeds are harvested in early June. Seeded pods are exposed to running spring water for about 2 weeks, after which the seeds are refrigerated until November and then entrusted to specialists who hand plant the seedlings in our terraced fields. With precise adjustments to water levels and sunlight, it takes over 13 months from planting seedlings to harvesting - a true Kameya labor of love and care.

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Since 1947 Family Tradition

As a 3 Generation Family Business, the Kamegai Family has developed and passed down over 75+ years of valuable culinary knowledge centered on bringing the most delicious of Japan's natural resources to their home country
- and now -
the rest of the world.

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Sustainability Is Priority

Every part of our crops grown are used - roots are transformed into our renowned Wasabi, and all remaining stems are used as raw ingredients for our Wasabi pickles sold in Japan. One of only 60 United Nations GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Sites) designated worldwide - Kameya's Farms are evolving and resilient ecosystems characterized by remarkable agrobiodiversity, traditional knowledge, invaluable cultures and landscapes - sustainably managed by farmers, herders, fisherfolk, and forest people in ways that contribute to their livelihoods and food security.