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pure water, Rich Soil

KAMEYA was born in 1947 from the blessings of the beautiful water of Japan's Kakita River Springs.

In this region, our Wasabi Japonica plants are hand planted and harvested in terraced paddy-like fields that receive the natural blessing of ample clean spring water that flow down from Mount Fuji.

Geography makes a difference - discover the delicately nuanced and complex taste of Kameya Real Wasabi.

Shizuoka's Famed Region

Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture is the birthplace of Wasabi.
Since the 1700s, Wasabi cultivation has been a local industry at the foot of Mount Amagi of Izu Peninsula, and accounts for 78% of the total amount of Wasabi produced nationwide.


Kameya has the rare distinction & honor of being designated by the UNITED NATIONS as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems site.
The Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) are agroecosystems inhabited by communities that live in an intricate relationship with their territory.  

Sustainability & Tradition

GIAHS such as Kameya's are evolving sites and resilient systems characterized by remarkable agrobiodiversity, traditional knowledge, invaluable cultures and landscapes, sustainably managed by farmers, herders, fisherfolk, and forest people in ways that contribute to their livelihoods and food security.

Hand Harvested

Our prized Wasabi Japonica plants are nurtured in nutrient rich volcanic soil terraced fields.

We hand-plant our Wasabi plants by digging deep into the ground, while stacking stones and sand to create multi-terrace levels.

The mountain stream flows downward through the stones  - and every step is constantly filled with life-giving cool water.
Wasabi Leaf 1Wasabi Leaf 3Wasabi in bowl and chopsticks

tatami-Shi Terraces

On the steep slopes of Kameya Farms in the Yugashima Sugimoto and Nakaizu area, there are terraced fields called "Tatami-shi". Our farmers hand cultivate Wasabi Japonica all year round in these lush paddies - we believe the more we put our hands on it, the better our Wasabi will be.

2 Year Labor of Love

Wasabi seeds are harvested in early June. Seeded pods are exposed to running spring water for about 2 weeks, after which the seeds are refrigerated until November and then entrusted to specialists who hand plant the seedlings in our terraced fields. With precise adjustments to water levels and sunlight, it takes over 13 months from planting seedlings to harvesting before our Real Wasabi plants are even ready to be prepared for your use - a true Kameya labor of love and care.

From Root to Leaves

Kameya considers the cultivation of Real Wasabi a true form of agricultural art. Every part of our crops grown are used - roots are transformed into our renowned Wasabi, and all remaining stems are used as raw ingredients for our Wasabi pickles sold in Japan.

Experience Wasabi

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